Frequently Asked Questions

Does Warren Engineering have an affiliation with Real Estate Companies?

No. Let us repeat that; NO! Although we enjoy a positive working relationship with the real estate community, our allegiance is always to our client. We are completely independent. The laws that govern our profession do not allow any financial relationship between home inspectors and real estate agents. Any home inspector who is paying advertising or referral fees to a real estate company is in violation of the New York State Code of Conduct.

Why should I hire an Engineer or Architect, rather than just a Home Inspector?

Even with a home inspector's license there is still a difference between a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect and a Licensed Home Inspector. By law in practically all states, Licensed Professional Engineers & Registered Architects are the only ones who can legally render an opinion as to the structural integrity of an existing building. The NYS Home Inspection Law limits home inspectors to "observing existing conditions" in the home. They may not evaluate the adequacy of the structural & mechanical systems that make up a home. For this reason, it is recommended that home buyers hire a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect who specializes in home inspections to perform their inspection.

What is the cost of a home inspection?

Most home inspections will cost at least $300 for a typical house. The cost will vary depending on size, age, complexity, etc. Our prices are in line with the local market, even though we can provide the added value of an Engineer's evaluation.

What tools do you use?

In the early years our “tool box” was limited to a screwdriver, a mirror (to inspect heat exchangers), a small stepladder and a flashlight. Now we have moisture meters, gauges, taller ladders (for roof access), etc. We’ve recently added Drones and Infrared cameras to enhance the service we provide.

How long does a typical inspection take?

As long as it needs to take! Have you ever been at a Doctor's appointment and felt like the provider is in a hurry? That won't happen at one of our inspections. Depending on the size, age and complexity of the building, the inspection usually lasts between 2-3 hours. Don't get hung up on time duration, since it does not equate to the quality of the inspection.

What should you expect from your inspector/engineer?

We will give the house a physical. We will provide you with a knowledgeable and experienced view of the condition of the house or building you are considering. We will analyze the major aspects of the house, using our years of experience, and various diagnostic tools. We also hope that you will be able to accompany us on the inspection so that we can tailor the inspection to your particular concerns. We do not “Pass” or “Fail” the property. As a potential owner of the property, you as a responsible owner must decide what you are willing to accept or reject.

What experience should I be looking for when choosing an inspection firm?

There is no end to learning and evolving in this business. Our firm is unequalled in experience/longevity in this profession. We have been specializing in building and home inspections for over 40 years, or basically since the inception of the profession. Members of our firm are licensed Professional Engineers, Licensed Home Inspectors, Certified ASHI members, Registered Architects, etc.

Is a home inspection a code compliance inspection?

The short answer is “No”. Existing homes do not meet modern codes because code requirements have changed drastically over the years. Even a house that is 20 years old does not conform with today’s codes. It would be unrealistic for a buyer to expect that a house they are considering buying would meet today’s building codes. We will point out to our client’s various aspects of a house that are potential areas for improvements in this regard.

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