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Commercial Inspections & Inspections of Larger Buildings

Our engineers are also trained and experienced in evaluating commercial properties including storefronts, small businesses, warehouse buildings, large residential apartment buildings, and other light commercial properties. In many respects these evaluations are similar to our residential inspections. For example, we evaluate the visible portions of the structural components, the heating systems, the electrical system, the plumbing systems, etc. We also examine interior and exterior surfaces and building components.

These can be tailored to the specific needs of our client. For example, with large residential apartment buildings it is oftentimes the case that we will examine a random sampling of the apartments. We can also enlist the services of reputable specialists or contractors who will accompany us on the inspection to evaluate large heating systems, flat roofs, chimneys, or other specialized systems and components. We can tailor our inspections of commercial properties and larger properties to meet the specific needs of clients and investors to lower the greater risks that exist when purchasing larger properties.

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