Experts in Residential & Commercial Inspections

Whether our client is a home buyer, the seller or a commercial real estate investor, our role is to provide a better understanding of the physical condition of the property from an unbiased, experienced, professional standpoint.

Our engineer performs a structural and mechanical evaluation of the property and provides a written report to the client on the condition of the major components such as the roof, the electrical system, the heating and air conditioning units, the plumbing system, insulation, doors, windows, exterior surfaces, water infiltration and more.

We make use of the latest technology in our industry including thermal cameras, drones, moisture meters, radon monitors, etc.

All inspections by our firm are performed by New York State Licensed Professional Engineers with years of experience in evaluating houses and other structures. In New York State, only Licensed Professional Engineers or Registered Architects are permitted by law to professionally comment on structural stability of a structure, or if it's not stable, recommend corrections to make it stable.

Our Services

Residential Inspections

Our Inspector evaluates the structure of the house, and gives feedback about the roof, plumbing, electrical system and more.

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Commercial Inspections

Our engineers are also trained and experienced in evaluating commercial properties including storefronts, warehouse buildings and more.

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Mold Assessment

Our company has several licensed mold assessors and can perform a mold assessment, if directed to do so.

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Radon Testing

We utilize state of the art electronic continuous radon monitors in conformance with EPA standards​.​

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Chimney Inspections

Our inspections include a limited evaluation of fireplaces and chimneys.

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Infrared Inspections

Our engineers make use of infrared cameras to analyze insulation, leaks, radiators, thermal efficiency, etc.

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Partial Inspections

Our Professional Engineers can evaluate aspects such as roofs, attic ventilation, basement water infiltration and more.

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Structural Inspections

Our Licensed Professional Engineers can evaluate aspects such as foundations, structural framing, new construction methods and more.

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